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Announcement: December 2016

We recently announced some changes to the Wiggio (free) service. If you are a Wiggio Enterprise (paid) customer, there are no changes to your service.

How do I check if I am a Wiggio (free) user or a Wiggio Enterprise user?
You can check by looking at the URL for your Wiggio service. Wiggio (free) users have a URL that ends with Wiggio Enterprise users have a URL that ends with

I am a Wiggio (free) user; what does this change mean for me?
Over the next 30 to 60 days there will be changes that include:

  • As of January 1st 2017, we are moving to a community support model. Visit the Knowledge Base for product documentation and FAQs, or if you have questions, visit the Support Forums.
  • We will be looking for a new home, or partner, for Wiggio (free). Plans are not yet finalized but we will provide Wiggio (free) users at least 120 days’ notice in advance of any additional changes. Please stay tuned for an additional update by February 1st 2017.

Meanwhile, please continue to use Wiggio (free) as you have all along. We appreciate the enthusiasm and contributions Wiggio users have made to building and creating Wiggio!

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