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Updating membership for a group in Wiggio

  1. Click on the group you want to update membership for from the Groups area.
  2. Click Manage Group Members from the More Actions drop-down list.
  3. In the Members tab, select from the following options:
    • Add Members Invite participants to join your group.
    • Re-invite Resend invitation emails to participants who have not yet responded.
    • Edit Names Update the names of unconfirmed members, then click Save.
    • Make Admin Select the check box for any member you want to make an admin, then click Save.
    • Demote Admin Select the check box for any members with administrative privileges that you want to make regular members, then click Save.
    • Remove Members Select the check box for any members you want to remove from the group, then click Save.
    • Group members do not receive a notification when you remove them from the group.
    • The group creator can never be demoted to a regular group member.
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